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CBDhoney 240gr

€ 24,99

CBDhoney 240gr

€ 24,99

Mysteryweed CBD honey is 100% Organic and naturally pure.
The CBD honey contains no amazing or psychoactive substances. In addition, the honey contains cannabidiol. .

What makes the CBD Honey so special and delicious is its natural taste.
The honey is nice to use in the tea, coffee or other delicacies of your choice.

Usage description:

Mysteryweeds CBD Honey Crystallizes in a fixed form for a while.
You can liquefy the honey by placing the closed jar in a warm water bath, max. 40 ° C (lukewarm).
Overheating destroys the enzymes that make this product so valuable.
Keep out of reach of children.

• Energy1272Kj304kcal
• Carbohydrates20.2gr
• Sugars 0.80g
•Protein 0.3g •Fiber 2.2 g
• CBD = 2.75%
• THC = 0.02%

Quantity: 240gr

Shelf life 1 year

All our Mysteryweed honey products contain no allergens.
Because our honey is naturally pure.

Secret recipe since the 1950's

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