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Weed honey

€ 14,99

Weed honey

€ 14,99

Mysteryweed Weed honey Each pot contains rich cannabinoids.
Made with all natural ingredients. Mysteryweedshoney contains glucose, fructose and minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphate, potassium and magnesium and is great to soothe a sore throat (from smoking).

Mild not easily dominating unique fruity weed flavor.

• Long shelf life of up to a year good !! and ideal for processing dishes or in tea / coffee.

• 100% natural canned honey CANNABISHONEY


• Energie1272 Kj / 304. • Kcal Carbohydrates82.4 • Sugars82.12 grams. • Proteins 0.3 gram. • Fiber 0.2 grams. • Sodium 4 miligram Each jar contains 60Gram of honey Diameter: 5.5 cm Height: 5 cm

All our mystery honey honey products contain no allergens.

Because our honey is 100% naturally pure.

Secret recipe since the 1950's

Most delicious honey in the whole world !!!

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